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It’s that haunting time of year: Halloween Icons at Jokertoons đź’€

Our Halloween store‘s been refreshed – here’s the first of our guides to the unique designs we like to drag from the crypt this time of year.

Halloween Icons

We respect our horror icons at Jokertoons! Hank and Frank have been friends for a long while, although they do insist on bringing their friends along. An exclusive Jokertoons illustration, Frankenstein and Jekyll are available in individual designs of Victor and Chum and Henry and alter-ego or combined on over 55 products including clothing, stickers, pillows and art prints.

You can also get your hands on our text variants – how about sending a striking humorous card this Halloween, riffing on horror icons and some comedy takes on their famous names…

Pronounced Frankenstein and Pronounced Jekyll designs are available at the Jokertoons Halloween shop in black and white versions now. Which horror icon gets your vote this Halloween?

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Time for a New Look!

Jokertoons has changed its clothes – don’t these threads look great!?

The problem with spring cleaning or autumn clear outs is you’re likely to come across a few lurking critters! We’ve had a summer sort out, willing the sun to come out with a fresh, bright and better site that lets you discover what Jokertoons is and will be up to more easily! And the only critters we (re)found were on our designs!

The sparkling new Jokertoons has been built to help you:

  • Buy our unique art work
  • Commission cartoons
  • Transform your content with illustration
  • Access a bigger audience with a new visual approach to SM and business campaigns

Alongside improved portfolios, our new shop page picks out our best-selling products from our portfolio, including our Christmas cards.

There’s a lot more to come on the business services side over the next few weeks, so stay tuned and follow us on the usual networks (and this blog!) to catch the latest news!

Check out and catch you soon!

Jokertoons ❤ Valentine’s!

Over at our store, you’ll find our latest Valentine gifts! Pixel lovehearts and lovestruck penguins await, available on a range of merchandise…

It’s almost February – discover the complete Valentine’s collection at Jokertoons and follow us on social media so you don’t miss any of our special offers…

Who won our Christmas?

With Twelfth Night done and dusted (that means: decorations taken down, think about dusting), we can announce our best selling Christmas Card of 2017!

It was a fantastic festive season for us, with several new additions to our growing range of Christmas cards flying out to homes around the world. We almost know what Santa feels like, but the card swung in from nowhere!

Our Golden Age tribute from 2016 – Sky Santa – was our best selling card of Christmas 2017! He not only shrugged off competition from new favourite Christmas Hound! but surpassed his team rivals; including original Santa of Steel and our brand new Mrs Santa card – although it was by less than a super-punch!

Thanks to everyone who’s purchased one, two or many of our cards – we hope you’ll head back in 2018, as plenty of new Christmas designs will be heading out the traps later in the year – including some special additions to our Action Christmas range!

But of course, cards aren’t just for Christmas – new designs will be released throughout the year, for big occasions, small occasions and just for fun. Next up: Roses are red…

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Happy New Year!! Best wishes for a fantastic 2018 from Jokertoons!

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Have an Action Christmas! Jokertoons Superheroic Christmas Cards available now

Jokertoons has the answer to sending unique this Christmas… Our Action Christmas Cards!


The nights are drawing in, the Christmas ads are rolling out… You’ve got the stamps, the ink, the stamina to write – but have you got your Christmas cards yet!?

You know the kind – the Christmas cards that show your friends and family how much they mean to you, make you look sensational, make Christmas decorations feel inferior…

Don’t worry! Jokertoons rather luxurious Have an Action Christmas cards are available at out online shop now, ready to be sorted, shipped and arrive well ahead of the festive season!

The Have an Action Christmas range is inspired by the Golden Age of American comic books – providing a festive and colourful way to send some super-powered season’s greetings to your friends, colleagues and family! And you can even grab yourself some copies on stickers and mugs to gift that little something extra!

The Jokertoons online shop offers a range of gifts from greeting cards to canvasses, clothing to clocks. See the range and follow us on social media (links above!) to catch the latest products and special offers!

Have an Action Christmas cards are exclusively available at Jokertoons RedBubble page – and don’t forget you get 20% off when you buy eight! Best of Christmas shopping luck!

Browse Jokertoons’ full Christmas range!

It’s not Rocket Science… Frank ‘n’ Hank arrive in time for Halloween

It’s that time of year when Jokertoons is filled with HORROR. Well, our online store is…

There’s still time to grab some accessories for your annual Halloween rituals, whether you need a seasonal tote bag to carry a prize pumpkin back from the local grocers, a unique card to greet a sun-shy special one when they rise from their crypt or perhaps a hoodie to hold off those midnight chills….

Leading the march are those ‘mad’ scientists Frank and Hank – or as you may know them, Doctors Frankenstein and Jekyll…

Our “It’s pronounced…” series sees gothic giants Jekyll and Frankenstein have a word about how you should pronounce their names, with a little help from some lurking friends. They’re available in landscape and portrait designs, separately and apart. Check out the range on over 40 products.

If you know someone who’s going to be hanging around this Halloween, we’ve got two special hand drawn Bat designs that are ready-made to flutter into a letterbox or two this year. Happy Halloween… Said the Crawling Bat and Happy Halloween… Said the Hanging Bat.

And buried among it all… For the last four years, Jokertoons has been fuelling horror long-read blogs over at The brand new Jokerside range has its fair share of horror ready to rock your look this year…

These long read digs into modern, classic and gothic horror are ideal for when you’re waiting for your Jokertoons to arrive. Express delivery is still available to land any or all of the above spooktacular stock in your hands ready for Halloween. So head over to our special Halloween Horror sub-crypt to see what grabs you by the hand…

(See you back here soon for our big Christmas launch!)

Find Frank ‘n’ Hank and more Halloween designs on over 40 products.

Come see the lastest Jokertoons!

It’s not like watching paint dry around here, y’know…

Jokertoons moves fast. When you’re dealing with cartoons you have to.

We’ve just updated our cartoons portfolio page with our latest etchings, sketchings and punning creations – take a look!

Our cartoon page serves two important purposes, aside from just showing off what Jokertoons can do.

First, you can many of the cartoons on a range of merchandise if they take your fancy. They look great on clothing, accessories, canvases and they make really lovely greetings cards. You can own your own Jokertoon on over 40 different products. Check out the portfolio and follow us to catch the latest special offers – including 20% off when you buy 8 greeting cards!

Second, our portfolio shows the end result of what started as a single, vague idea. That’s where every cartoon starts starts. Filly-Stein cantered in on a pun, Our Monkey on a Typewriter during a bout of writer’s block. Cyrano? Well he might be in all of us somewhere…

What Jokertoons does is take an idea and develop it into a fully fledged cartoon.

Our fresh portfolio may inspire you or you might have an idea you’re working on yourself… Either way, if you’re looking for a cartoon to capture your idea, whatever stage it’s at, get in touch and let’s talk it through!

Don’t be a Filly-Stein… Explore a Jokertoon!

Jokertoons has a new mascot for the autumn…

A brand new range has hit Jokertoons‘ online shop: Writer’s Shock. This folio of illustrations features cartoon illustrations inspired by literary influences as much as puns. And one of them stands out in her field as the best reason to delve into Jokertoons…

It started with a name of course – only a philistine wouldn’t want to explore the range of art available at Jokertoons, right!? Art to buy off the peg or inspire commissions – who can resist?

Somehow, a young female horse viewed through one of Victor Frankenstein’s magnifying lenses seemed like the perfect autumn mascot.

From that, the ink frame took shape. How do you Frankenstein a horse? An extra leg helps of course. Some electric bolts under the mane as well. And then, a dash of the familiar white hair streak from, no, not the Miliband brothers, but the original Universal Studios’ Bride of Frankenstein. A watercolour wash picks out the skilful build of this ragdoll equum reanimatus. If the Latin’s too much, soak up the pop culture references!

Available on over 40 products – from greeting cards to T-shirts.