It’s that time of year when Jokertoons is filled with HORROR. Well, our online store is…

There’s still time to grab some accessories for your annual Halloween rituals, whether you need a seasonal tote bag to carry a prize pumpkin back from the local grocers, a unique card to greet a sun-shy special one when they rise from their crypt or perhaps a hoodie to hold off those midnight chills….

Leading the march are those ‘mad’ scientists Frank and Hank – or as you may know them, Doctors Frankenstein and Jekyll…

Our “It’s pronounced…” series sees gothic giants Jekyll and Frankenstein have a word about how you should pronounce their names, with a little help from some lurking friends. They’re available in landscape and portrait designs, separately and apart. Check out the range on over 40 products.

If you know someone who’s going to be hanging around this Halloween, we’ve got two special hand drawn Bat designs that are ready-made to flutter into a letterbox or two this year. Happy Halloween… Said the Crawling Bat and Happy Halloween… Said the Hanging Bat.

And buried among it all… For the last four years, Jokertoons has been fuelling horror long-read blogs over at The brand new Jokerside range has its fair share of horror ready to rock your look this year…

These long read digs into modern, classic and gothic horror are ideal for when you’re waiting for your Jokertoons to arrive. Express delivery is still available to land any or all of the above spooktacular stock in your hands ready for Halloween. So head over to our special Halloween Horror sub-crypt to see what grabs you by the hand…

(See you back here soon for our big Christmas launch!)

Find Frank ‘n’ Hank and more Halloween designs on over 40 products.

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