Jokertoons has a new mascot for the autumn…

A brand new range has hit Jokertoons‘ online shop: Writer’s Shock. This folio of illustrations features cartoon illustrations inspired by literary influences as much as puns. And one of them stands out in her field as the best reason to delve into Jokertoons

It started with a name of course – only a philistine wouldn’t want to explore the range of art available at Jokertoons, right!? Art to buy off the peg or inspire commissions – who can resist?

Somehow, a young female horse viewed through one of Victor Frankenstein’s magnifying lenses seemed like the perfect autumn mascot.

From that, the ink frame took shape. How do you Frankenstein a horse? An extra leg helps of course. Some electric bolts under the mane as well. And then, a dash of the familiar white hair streak from, no, not the Miliband brothers, but the original Universal Studios’ Bride of Frankenstein. A watercolour wash picks out the skilful build of this ragdoll equum reanimatus. If the Latin’s too much, soak up the pop culture references!

Available on over 40 products – from greeting cards to T-shirts.

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