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Cue: Fanfare! A superhero slip set his alien grotto‘s toy machine into overdrive and almost destroyed his home planet in an explosion of Christmas presents! Dispatched to Earth to cool off, he was adopted by penguins and narwhals, becoming a force for good in the arctic circle – even if he’s still a little over the top. The elves, reindeer and snowmen may have to keep a wide berth, but this Super Santa is determined to work for tinsel, jingle bells and the Northern Pole, even when he’s practising his sleigh control!

Which Santa will you choose this Christmas? First up is this profile of our classic Super Santa and where you can snap him up!

Super Santa will always be special to us at Jokertoons. One of our Christmas originals, he’s a tribute to the golden age of superhero comics and the first of a classic trinity of Action Christmas designs. You can’t keep a good Super Santa down. He’s zoomed across all our shops and found his way on to a variety of products. Here’s a selection…

First up, this classic comic card – a bestseller every year – and a brand new Pop variant available at Redbubble.

How about a striking standalone on a t-shirt or even a pair of snazzy super socks at Teespring – one of over 40 products you’ll find this Santa on.

Alongside their distinctive T-shirts, there’s are mugs, pins and stickers at Tee Public.

Talking of stickers, there are die-cut, square and transparent stickers back over at Redbubble, perfect to observe from the comfort of a Christmas throw pillow!

That’s ol’ Red – will he be the Santa you choose? He’s got some stiff competition. Next up: Wonder Santa and Sky Santa. #ChooseyourSanta


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