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Choose Your Santa Wonder Santa

Cue: 70s funk! She arrived in a flurry of ice and snow, but with a glow that could warm any heart (or melt any nearby snowmen). Everybody looks forward to Wonder Santa’s arrival. Reindeer adore her, elves cheer for her and flags wave in her general direction. Every Christmas morning she’ll swoop in, seizing a present from the tight noose of her Golden Lasso of Christmas Light to deliver with pinpoint accuracy. Every house knows she never misses her mark. Who isn’t filled with Christmas cheer when Wonder Santa rides into town?

Which Santa will you choose this Christmas? The second Jokertoons Santa we’re profiling is Wonder Santa!

Wonder Santa may just be the heart of Jokertoons Action Christmas. We were thrilled when this design launched – the most challenging of our tributes to the Golden Age of superhero comics. Completing a classic trinity of Action Christmas illustrations, we were even more thrilled that she gained as rapturous reception in our shops as she does on the ice! She’s unforgettable and proves that you can’t keep a good Super Santa down. Alongside her super cool compatriots, she’s galloped across all our shops and found her way on to dozens of products. Here’s a selection…

First up, the classic comic cover, and its brand new Pop variant, available at Redbubble. Remember: There are bundle discounts to be had on these cards all year round: 20% off when you buy any three, 30% off when you buy any 10!

How about a striking standalone image of Wonder Santa in full flow – on a short-sleeve and long-sleeve tees, or even a snazzy phone case at Teespring – three of over 40 products you’ll find this Santa on.

Alongside their distinctive T-shirts, there’s are mugs, pins and stickers at Tee Public.

Talking of stickers, there are die-cut, square and transparent stickers back over at Redbubble, perfect to observe from the comfort of a Christmas floor pillow!

That’s ol’ Wonder – will she be the Santa you choose? the competition is fiercely festive. We’ve already profiled Super Santa. Next up: look up as Sky Santa swooshes in. #ChooseyourSanta



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