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It was one of our the first Christmas cards we published, and it hasn’t stopped selling since. It’s so popular, it accounts for about one in four of our sales this time of year. We’re proud of these dogs! 

These two have shipped all over the world. At the Jokertoons Redbubble store, they’re now available on over 80 products. So we thought we’d write them a poem to show just how proud we are. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, cats and dogs, to our…

Waiting Dogs of Christmas

It happens every Christmas, as the nights are drawing in, 
We notice something’s different; it’s all gone strangely quiet.
The tree is up, our tees are on, we’re hanging favourite prints.  
But everything’s too calm and still: where’s the festive riot?

Upstairs the bath mat’s empty, the duvet’s strangely cold, 
The cushions, for once, are in the right place. 
We’re relieved our socks have fewer holes, 
And nothing nudges our hand as we adjust the mask upon our face.

We think about it when we come in and drop our bag or tote. 
As we’re chopping in the kitchen, nothing pulls on apron strings.
When we’re pinning badges on our jackets, or jotting down a note, 
Is there something missing? That’s when a bell begins to ring. 

Around the Christmas tree, sat just beside the gifts, 
Staring at the branches, stars and painted cones, 
As tinsel twists and baubles spin, two patient heads lift,
Eyes fixed on a precious, painted bone. 

We crowd around the tree when we remember, 
The Waiting Dogs of Christmas are there every single year. 
We would, while warming our hands and sipping a cuppa, 
Take a photo of pair, but this year we’ll leave it to this gear.

What did you spot? Tap on the captions for details.

Shop our Waiting Dogs of Christmas at our Christmas Redbubble store.


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