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This Christmas, it is time to mask up!

It isn’t true that every superhero wears a mask, but this year has proved that masks have superheroes behind them. Face coverings have gone global this year, not for fashion, fraud or robbery, but because of the awful far-reaching consequences of the pandemic that’s affected us all. It’s been a bloody challenging year; we don’t need to tell you. 

When #ChooseYourSanta time roars around, we’re used to using adjectives like ‘super’, ‘uncanny’ and, well, ‘zany. 2020 has been: unprecedented. Not the superhero story we all want, but the one we’ve got. 

So we’re thrilled that our Super Santas are decking out some fine masks across our stores this year. We’re also thrilled to say these suppliers off bundles and all sorts of benefits to charities and medical initiatives. That’s why we’re with them

Super Santa masks are available across all stores across loads of products. Keep an eye on our featured products

In the Fortress of Teepublic

Down in the Threadless cave

Shop our store. At Threadless, a portion of the net proceeds go to MedShare, the humanitarian aid non-profit organisation dedicated to improving the quality of life for people, communities and our planet. Having exceeded previous goals, they’re now aiming to reach a total of $750k.

In the Redbubble Hall of Justice

At our Redbubble store, if your buy any 4 you get 20% off too.

Super note: All the above Cloth face masks, which we may have made a little more super, but are not intended for medical use or as personal protective equipment. For American friends you can find CDC guidelines here.


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