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Our Halloween store‘s been refreshed – the third of our guides to the unique designs we drag from the crypt this time of year turns to the squash that everyone else sticks their knives in to! [kidding: we carve them too!]

Radiant Pumpkins

Few things sum up Halloween like a pumpkin, an association drawn over hundreds of years. But this fruit of the autumn isn’t a Jack-o’-lantern. Yet. Striking in geometric patterns or as a still-life, this unique, illustrated squash (pre-carving) takes inspiration from the work of Van Gogh to carry a host of autumn colours through painterly brush strokes. The standard size still life is available on over 50 products, from stickers to mugs to clothing. We love how they’ve turned out.

Radiant Pumpkin in close-up!

You know what happens when you stare at something too long? The more we looked at pumpkin design, the more fascinated we became with its shape, it’s lack of symmetry, the negation around its vivid shape. We zoomed in. The result was a second collection that takes the orange squash into a more abstract and startling direction, showing off the brush strokes that take on a life of their own. Take a look at the close-ups on another set of 50+ products, including durable and ethically sourced T-shirts.

Visit our full Halloween store @ Redbubble and keep an eerie eye out for special offers!

Coming in the final of our Halloween blogs… Witches, Vampires, Werewolves and Mummies!

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